In light of our understanding of the integrity of the Dioceses of The Episcopal Church and the Episcopal Visitors concept announced by the Presiding Bishop in 2007, and the version of “Caring for All the Churches” adopted by the bishops of The Episcopal Church in March 2012, we have considered a need to maintain and strengthen

our ties with the Anglican Communion

our fidelity to the canonical realities, integrities and structures of the Episcopal Church

and our exercise of our office as a focus of unity.

We believe such ties will provide the opportunity for mutual support, accountability and fellowship; and present an important sign of our connectedness in and vision for the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion as we move through this time of stress and renewal.


Communion Partners

provide for those concerned a visible link to the Anglican Communion

Many within our dioceses and in congregations in other dioceses seek to be assured of their connection to the Anglican Communion. Traditionally, this has been understood in terms of bishop-to-bishop relationships. Communion Partners fleshes out this connection in a significant and symbolic way.

provide fellowship, support and a forum for mutual concerns between bishops

The Communion Partner bishops share many concerns about the Anglican Communion and its future and look to work together with Primates and Bishops from the wider Communion. In addition, we believe we all have need of mutual encouragement, prayer, and reassurance. The Communion Partners will be a forum for these kinds of relationships.

provide a partnership to work toward the Anglican Covenant and according to Windsor Principles

The Communion Partner bishops will work together according to the principles outlined in the Windsor Report and seek a comprehensive Anglican Covenant at the Lambeth Conference and beyond.


Communion Partners

is a relational fellowship

is committed to honoring diocesan boundaries

will be governed by mutual respect

and will proceed by invitation and cooperation


Communion Partner Bishops

 • Communion Partner Primates — currently, Tanzania (The Most Rev. Valentino Mokiwa), Jerusalem and Middle East (The Most Rev. Dr. Mouneer Anis), Burundi (The Most Rev. Bernard Ntahoturi), Indian Ocean (The Most Rev. Ian Ernest), Papua New Guinea (The Most Rev. Joseph Kopapa), and South East Asia (The Most Rev. Datuk Bolly Lapok))

• Clergy and congregations who share Communion Partner commitments

• Other interested Bishops of the Episcopal Church



Communication of activities with

the Presiding Bishop of TEC,

the Archbishop of Canterbury,

the Meeting of the Primates, and

the Anglican Communion Office, and therewith the Anglican Consultative Council